Hismith premium sex machine bundle with two body-safe dildos, suction cup adaptor, thrust rod extensions and storage bag


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    1. Input power: 110V-240V 50 / 60HZ
    2. Output power: DC 24V-5A
    3. Motor power: 100W
    4. Noise level: 30 ~ 50 db
    5. Distance of forward and backward movement: 2.56 " / 6.5 cm
    6. Setting angle: 0-90 °

    • 1 x Hismith main engine
    • 2 x 15.75 " / 40 cm chromed iron support bars
    • 2 x 9.8 " / 25 cm chromed iron support poles  
    • 2 x triangle plug
    • 4 x anti-slip mat
    • 1 x power supply
    • 1 x speed controller
    • 1 x connecting cable
    • 1 × 8" / 20.32 cm Original Silicone Dildo
    • 1 × 9" / 22.86 cm Huge Silicone Dildo
    • 1 × Hismith 11.8" / 30CM Extension Tube
    • 1 × Hismith Suction Cup
    • 1 x 0.24" / 6mm hex wrench
    • 1 x user manual

    1. Please do not try to adjust the thrust depth when the machine is working.
    2. Please confirm that you have screwed down the knob before you start the machine.
    3. We sugguest you use the medium depth at the first time,and get used to the depth gradually.
    4. Please use 1% Benzalkonium,Bromide or 75% medical alcohol to disinfect,before you use it.
    5. It's necessary to use some lubricant,to improve your sexual experience.

    • Legal Disclaimer:
    • More product informationm, usage and notices,
    • We recommend you read labels, warnings and directions before using or consuming.

    Package come with a plain brown box, no sensitive words on the package.

  • Weight14 KG
    MaterialStainless steel & ABS
    Input voltage110 V - 250 V / 50 - 60 HZ
    Output voltageDC 24V/4.2A (safety voltage)
    Max Motor Power100 W
    Speed0-240 RPM
    Torque300 N⋅cm
    Stroke length1.2-6 inches (3-15 cm)
    Noise30 - 50 dB
    Package size46.8 * 26 * 44.9 cm
    Package including1 × máquina de sexo premium
    1 × bolsa de nylon portátil
    1 × controlador con cable
    1 × consolador de silicona de 21 cm
    1 × consolador de silicona grande de 25 cm
    1 × varilla de extensión de 30 cm
    1 × adaptador de ventosa


Great Machine Great Company

Great product. I really love this machine. This is a great company. I had a problem with my first machine. When I reported the problem I received and immediate response and was sent a new machine. I highly recommend the machine and am very impressed with the company and their customer support. Thank you again.


    Five Stars

    If you could hear my wife have 9 orgasms in 40 minutes Fantastic


      Great machine great value!!!

      For the price this machine can not be beat almost entirely metal except a few nobs. In use it works great even when I attached a 3 pound silicone toy good power. Would recommend to friends


        Best investment ever

        I’ve tried just about every toy imaginable. Dildos. Vibrators. Mini thrusting toys that go 2 inches deep and you can barely feel. Stools with built in thrusting/ejaculating dildos. None of them were ever doing the trick.
        If you’re looking for something that will give you a good fuck and won’t suffer from a lack of power, depth, or speed, then this is hands down the best toy you’ll ever buy.

        1 out of 1 people found this review useful.


          Nice package in all!

          Listen to me, never have I ever experienced torque like this before. 1/12 horse power?!?!?! Need I say more. Bought this for my CENSORSED. We were originally considering the mark I but after reading the rave reviews of the mark II her mind was made up. Needless to say she loved the final product and with some of her leftover birthday money she will be investing in some attatchments. Excellent product.


            reat product..

            Great product and great customer service!!!. Works very well. It is a hit at all the parties we go to!!


              Quality and a sex robot with a brain

              Ok doing this on my phone so I will try and watch out for typos! First off. Arrived on time, second everything was in a nice carrying case and discreet. Thirdly, easy to assemble and it is all top notch as far as quality. So now on to the best part. This thing is not a machine but a robot with a brain! Lol! I am a cross dresser and like to....well ya know..... get it up sensitive parts of the anatomy! That being said I tried the included dildo on all settings and strokes. It did as was told and never stopped doing its job. Now for the fun part. I have a very big toy. One that will intimidate the weak! I set the machine at a 2" stroke and at slow speed. When I was comfortable with my large toy inside I started it up. I eased back and to my amazement when there was too much resistance it slowed down and patiently waited for me to relax. No forcing the toy up my rear. It just stopped and waited. When I relaxed and eased off it gave me a nice little thrust and kept it up as long as I let it. When I tried to go deeper it sensed the resistance and again slowed and pushed real easy. Kept doing this over and over and it responded the same way! Best sex I have had for my posterior in a long time. Think this thing is my new best friend. If you are shopping this is a hit. Wanna try out thier dp attachment next.


                A good pounding

                Holy Moly! This thing will pound your ass into submission and leave you breathless. The dildo it comes with is very nice. Soft, but not too soft, and it feels great ramming you at full speed. I only wish the legs were a little taller. I thought they were hollow crap legs, but they are actually completely solid. This adds a lot of extra weight to the machine, which is a great thing, especially when you want to slam back against the awesome torque and thrust. This will leave you feeling thoroughly pounded very well. I imagine a larger dildo will be amazing.

                  Hismith premium sex machine bundle with two body-safe dildos, suction cup adaptor, thrust rod extensions and storage bag

                  Hismith premium sex machine bundle with two body-safe dildos, suction cup adaptor, thrust rod extensions and storage bag